YMAM: Young Man's Angry Movements

Theatre Trailer - Arts Council England Funded

for Liverpool Everyman Playhouse Theatres

DOP/Editing: Matt Parsons

Sound Editing/Mixing: Adam Welsh

1st AD: Olive Robinson

Sound Recordist: Stefanos Stafylas

Theatre Director: Adam Welsh

Producer: Alexander Ferguson videographer

The Orpheus School: School of Rock

Short Film -

with the students of 'The Orpheus School'

DOP/Editing: Matt Parsons

1st AD/Sound: Bryony Whitfield

Set Design, Script, Direction of Actors: Staff & Students of The Orpheus School

DTNH Episode 1

Short Film

DOP/Editing: Matt Parsons

Writer/Director: Mel Bright

Sound: Stefanos Stafylas

Creative Consultant: Tyrone Huntley