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'So This Is Love' music video

DOP/Edited by: Matt Parsons

1st AD: Bryony Lara

MUA: Stephanie Holland

Location: Ellen Cammack & Thanks to Castle Farm Kent

Wardrobe & Styling: Edwina Brown

Written and performed by Danielle ‘Denquar’ Chupak

Music Production by Mark ‘Pelli’ Pellizzer

Musical arrangement by Mark Pelli, Robin Banerjee, Denquar Lead vocals recorded and engineered by Clive A. Lashley at FuNkFuRy Productions

Mastering by Maximilian Sink videographer


'Waiting' music video

DOP/Edited by: Matt Parsons

Styling: Kat Kleve, Miracle Chance & Blythe Jandoo

Track by: Daniel Vildosola, Georgie & Boris pelekh